Building an advanced content delivery site

CBOGOT CONSULTING has been chosen by RRmedia to upgrade a teleport in  the USA for a major customer. This will be the RR-Media-Logolargest and most advanced RRmedia location.The project is very complex and as expected has a very tight time schedule. We will be responsible for:

  • Establishing the required infrastructure for the project
  • Managing all subcontractors working on the project
  • Managing the relationship wth the end customer content company executives and senior management
  • Managing the allocation of resources to the project, in particular the resources  in the US distribution site.
  • Insuring that RRmedia meets all of its obligations to the end customer
  • Making sure that the project meets the required SLA.

The site will support multiple services

  • Downlink and Fiber delivery
    • The downlink of over 620 channels via satellite , over 20 video channels via fiber and over 50 audio channels
    • It will perform all of the required transcoding and down-conversion and encryption
    • These channels will then be distributed vi fiber to POPs as required
  • Fiber reception and Uplink
    • We will receive content from the POPs primarily VOD content
    • This will be multiplexed and uplinked to the appropriate satellites
  • We will also provide Multi-Bit-Rate (MBR) transcoding and streaming

All of this activity will be monitored 24/7

CBOGOT CONSULTING was chosen due to our in-depth knowledge of the technology, and the ability to drive projects to a successful completion, on time and on budget. We look forward to this exciting challenge and the successful  completion of the project.