Working with AccuKnox a provider of Zero-Trust Cloud Native Application Protection Platform

We are very glad to be working with AccuKnox a provider of zero-trust cloud-native application protection platform

The platform provides a full CNAPP with CSPM and CWPP


  • AccuKnox provides flexibility to integrate a variety of open-source and commercial security scanning tools through built-in parsers. 
  • This provides you with a composite security posture of your infrastructure. 
  • IN an advanced security Dashboard


  • AccuKnox developed KubeArmor (CNCF sandbox project) and donated to the community. 
  • KubeAromor leverages eBPF for observability of App Behavior and LSMs for enforcement/in-line mitigation from unknown Zero Day attacks.
  • AccuKnox provide many other unique features like auto recommendation of policies, Gitops-based Policy Lifecycle Management, un-supervised Learning, GitOps/SIEM/SOAR integration, etc.