Making Space in Space

We are very excited to be working with NovelSat.

NovelSat has developed a breakthrough in Satellite Modulation/Demodulation technology.

The technology is called NS3.

Satellite broadcasting  initially was analog, then between 1994 and 1997 DVB-S was standardized and developed. In 2003 DVB-S2 was introduced,providing a 20% improvement over DVB-S. Since then, for almost 10 years satellite transmission bandwidth has been frozen.

Frozen until now, the introduction of NS3NS3 provides a 55% improvement over DVB-S and an additional 20% average improvement over DVB-S2 and the ability to transmit data at  600 MB/s The result is:

20% cost reduction or

20% more channels or

25% reduction in antenna size.

As a result there certainly is more space in space.