A new category of Digital Set-top Box

First there was the analog set-top box, followed by the digital set-top box initially standard definition  television then cam high definition television and the “digital video recorder” (DVR) or as it is sometimes called the  “personal video recorder” PVR. it is estimated that close to 40% of all new set-top boxes are DVRs.

CBOGOT CONSULTING is working together with SanDisk on a new category of set-top box. The mid range PVR. This device is achieved by replacing the hard disk drive in standard PVR with a Solid State Disk (SSD).  The new device has the following benefits:

  • Optional client for any network connected set-top box
  • Smaller footprint
  • Can be used in bedrooms since there is no noise
  • Less power (Greener)
  • Support for Live Pause, progressive download, home network content

Initial market investigations are very promising.