Advanced Technology for Video Distrobution over IP

CBOGOT CONSULTING has signed an agreement with a very interesting company. They have a very advanced solution for home video distribution over IP. They developed a  low cost board that can support multiple incoming video sources and converting them to multiple outgoing IP streams. The sources can be standard IP video this alone is not very special. What is special is that the sources can be any clear or encrypted DVB-S, DVB-C, or DVB-T content streams. The system on  the fly handles all of the incoming decryption if needed, does all of the required trans-rating to produce 100% IP standards compliant out going IP streams. These stream can optionaly be DRM protected. The system supports client specific transcoding, for example if the  incoming video is HD then an HD TV client would receive a full quality HD  picture, if in parallel an iPad was watching the same live video the content would be transcoded on the fly to match the device.

It is an ideal  for any solution looking today; at Hybrid services , networks PVRs, over the top video solutions, or meeting the FCC AllVid requirements in 2012.