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Eyeways Systems signs with CBOGOT CONSULTING

GPS Signal Loss is a major issue to drones, especially when operating fully autonomusly.

Eyeways Systems has a Solution to this problem 

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Eyeways Systems "Because GPS is not Enough"

Autonomous systems must be able to operate 100% of the time without human intervention, but GPS is not 100% reliable. This is due to signals dropout, or operational issues such as operating in-doors or under bridges or near high-rise buildings. Currently to solve the GPS issue human backup is required, and the result is a “semi-automated”system. Semi-automated systems are less reliable and less cost effective and as a result much more difficult to deploy.

Eyeways Systems removes all issues related to GPS reliability, and doing so enables the deployment of 100% autonomous systems; increasing reliability, improving ROI and making systems much easier and cost effective to deploy.

Patent-pending technology provides precise positioning and orientation using the drone’s camera

The system is fully automonous without any GPS signaling

The technology can be used nigh and day, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Insures autonomous precises drone opérations in all situations